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When you are in management, much of the time, you know, it’s an OK job.

In fact, despite the pressure, it’s nothing like as challenging as compared with doing a day-in/day-out job at the sharp end.

This came to me once when I became an employee rather than a boss.

In fact I was an employee all the time, but as a ‘boss’ on a site of my own, it was almost as good as it being all mine (except for the dictated stuff from above, but let’s not go there for the moment!).

Being ‘done to‘, rather than ‘doing to‘ is a lot worse – trust me.

So as a ‘boss’ you need to be very transparent.

Very, very fair. Very honest. Very open. All these if you want to take your people with you, in a collaboration rather than a very ‘you and them’ situation.

The ‘them’ bit being way distant behind you, when it comes to supporting you, being proactive and going the extra mile for you. Way distant. Miles behind even.

They will drop you like an emotional stone.

There will be no loyalty, poor morale and a distinct lack of motivation and enthusiasm.

Of course those managers who are not alert to their own behaviours will blame everyone else and never themselves – one manager I came across recently, decided to ‘sort out’ some key people by telling them they ‘were rubbish’, literally!

So often, I’ve come across organisations where employees would only get involved in as little as possible.

Why is that?

Yet again there are places where you wonder what the employees are on!

Who gave them permission to have such fun, to fix things fast, to be creative in what they do for their customers?

And, effectively, who are the winners here?

Well, everyone, actually.

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