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When you really consider just what leadership is all about, you can make it incredibly complicated, like the industry sometimes seems to prefer, or you can simplify.

Simple is so often the best place to be. Because with simple, it’s possible to ensure that a message gets across easily and, what’s more, becomes much easier to apply too – for all concerned.

So, to define leadership the simple way, we might say it includes vision; relationships; charisma ; respect; focus; decisiveness and perhaps a few more profound qualities too.

In the simpler definition, leaders of organisations do not have the exclusivity to the label. When you consider the content of the leadership ’role’ above, these are qualities that we would want to have in everyone in our team, not just the team leader and beyond, up the hierarchy.

So, what’s stopping more people having such leadership traits, which can add so much value throughout a team.

It can be down to a lack of self-confidence perhaps; feeling fear if doing the wrong thing, maybe. It might b a lack of encouragement and development. It could be that the fully qualified leader with the fancy title doesn’t see the possibilities if ALL of his team were leaders too.

Dare to say, it might be that they themselves feel a little threatened if they let go a bit, do their real job and empower all of their people to ’have a go’, in the own way.

Leadership is about unleashing potential and using it towards a vision of the future.

Now, when giving the opportunity, just about everyone can do that, can’t they?

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