Why Workplace Relationships Are So Valuable

January 20, 2010 | By

Management is the art of getting the very best from your people.

It is essentially a people skill that many managers have, yet struggle to make the best of. The workplace relationships you form are most likely the major critical factor in your success.

The purpose of creating effective relationships with each and every one of your employees has many aspects. And every single one of them adds value to your proposition as a manager.

That’s why building relationships adds much more value than having a buddy or two in the team.

Here are a few reasons that give purpose to relationship building – reminding us that every minute we spend getting to know our people well, is a great minute’s work!

  • Power of More than One – When we synergize our efforts, using the great interactions we have with our people, it is incredibly productive
  • Openness – workplace relationships worked well, offer the opportunity to share more; explain more; create more, in an environment where trust is strong
  • Hopes and Fears – as trust builds, each and every partner will feel able to expand their thinking – their personal thinking sometimes – and share with others, who will help
  • Better Understanding – avoiding miscommunication, because the relationship is strong enough to ask if not sure, means we become more effective & efficient
  • Feel Good – good relationships foster a general feeling of goodwill around the place, limiting politics and gossip, because ‘we just don’t do that round here’
  • Unexpected Positives – the best relationships add fun into the mix, where we can share laughter and enjoy each other’s company
  • Intuition – as our relationships build with our people, we are able to sense more, giving us the benefit of an ‘early warning system’ to catch problems early
  • Getting Support – where we support and help our people, they realize that we have needs too and offer help where you might need it
  • Hidden Talents and Skills – knowing our people well from the close interactions we have with them, means we get to know them well, uncovering the possibilities
  • Problem Shared – is a problem halved – at least! When we trust and others trust us, we have a reservoir of talent to supplement our own. Sometimes, others really do have better solutions
  • Bottom Line – the ultimate goal, providing focus and purpose to the work we do. Adding value to the results we seek is far, far easier when we have good working relationships with others in our teams

So, the purpose of building relationships in the workplace is many fold for anyone managing others.

From the purely business focused results to the emotional personal sense of success and belonging that it can create.

The time investment is minimal, because relationship building is best done in the moment, informally, so there are no excuses.

What are you waiting for – there’s no time like the present to make this your immediate goal.

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